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Friday, 28 August 2015

The Goodness Of Lime Fruits Part1

Lime fruits are essentially one of the very best fruits available to mankind.

You can think otherwise, but I cannot help it. You can tell me which, and I am eager to research that information and come to a reasonable opinion.

Feel free to have and share your views. But remember learning is still a process. I think too that I can benefit more from your comments and opinions.

Lime fruits fall within the citrus fruit family which includes lemons, oranges, grape fruits and tangerines.

When I was a boy of roughly 10 years, I remember grandmothers plant them in our big compound. I remember they were three of the lime trees which always yield a good harvest.

I am one of the boys among others who always have a pick at these lime fruits at the harvest time and enjoy its medicinal juice.

As a boy, we all know the limes were fruits, but we know nothing of what they did to our body. To prevent us small boys from picking much at them, the older ones will be telling us it  suck at our bloods and make them useless or weak apparently from keeping us away from the juicy fruits.

Years later, when I am into secondary or grammar school, I had better information on what fruits including limes did to the our body system.

So, the food masters controlling food supply to the school always ensure we are regularly supply with some fresh fruits including oranges and tangerines, since these are most easy to obtain in bulk form the then the lime fruits. People always detest limes due to its sour acidic taste.

In the citrus fruits group, lime fruits later came first to make history in curing the disease called scurvy. My apology to lemons.This feat is credited to the English Royal Navy. It became their military secret for years against all other nations navies. This made the British navy a power on the high seas for years.

Lime fruits also made marks as the first ever fruit juice to be bottled in history.

Enough of all this historic talks here on lime fruits.

Once again, let’s get on our main subject lime fruits.

If there is any fruit or fruit juice that a person should suck before anything else other than a glass of cold or warm water in the morning on rising up from bed, limes must be first. Others will tell you that lemons should be first, that is okay with some because both fruits limes and lemons are from the same family, the citrus fruits.

You see limes in dilute form scrub the stomach and intestinal walls. Tell me what this means to you.

You know the sense in scrubbing a floor, the kitchen sink, the bath tub and toilet poo  right?

This is what limes, among the citrus fruits does when taken in the morning in dilute form either in cold or warm water.

Taking this along with a cup of cucumber fruit will work best as a pre-breakfast meal before the main breakfast.

This action will help in keeping the stomach and intestine clean and healthy.

It help develop and weak immune system into a strong organic form.

It is a plus for a healthy respiratory system.

The vitamin C content of lime fruits helps in the absorption of iron compounds in to the blood stream. 

The vitamin C factors further helps to prevent a cold or the so called common cold.

No, vitamin C does not and will not cure the cold. It only helps in preventing it. It is this vitamin C that helps in keeping the respiratory system strong and healthy.

I regularly drank dilute lime juices on waking up from sleep in the morning. First thing is to gangle the throat and risen the mouth with the juice. The rest go down inside my stomach.

You can use lime fruits in many ways that suits you.

It does not have any minus side effect in the digestive system. It always promotes good health in dilute form.

In its undiluted states, it can attack the gum enamels of the teeth. This is its only drawback because of its citric acid properties.

The oils in its zest can attack both the skin and eyes if care is not taken. But it is not that very serious. 

Anyway, much care should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes when the skin is being zested.

I used them in my bathing water. After robbing myself thoroughly with soap and spongy, the lime base water washed off all the soapy lathers and keeps my skin clean. Not only this, my skin stays fresh and it is not a platform for skin diseases.

I hardly get acnes, enzymes, pimples and other skin blemish.

Press the zest into your palms and message your hair and scalp with the oils after bathing.

Every part of the lime fruits is very useful. The zest and seeds which is mostly discarded is full of medicinal benefits.

Oils were mostly obtained from the skin or zests and this can be used in many ways. I extract it with peanut oil or virgin olive oil for caring my hair.

The zests when eaten along with the seeds prevent worm formation in the intestines. In other words, it made the stomach environment unfriendly for the breeding of unwanted worn that are harmful for the body. This is an antidote for worm killing.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copy right 2015.