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Qualities Of Citrus Fruits In Promoting Good Health

The citrus fruits are one of the earliest plant fruits domesticated by man. If there ever is any plant or fruit that could benefit mankind in promoting good health, it is the citrus fruit family.

That is why I am beginning this talk on green or raw foods on the citrus fruit family.

I will begin with limes or lime fruits under the theme of limes in another talk, not here. To me, lime fruits seem to be the most vital in the citrus family, followed by lemons.

These are all acidic fruits and most detoxifying of all fruits and vegetables in the plant or vegetable kingdom.

There are always available all year round, especially in the cold months.

This is when you should make the most use of the citrus fruits, specifically, limes and lemons plus grape fruits.

One unique thing about these exotic fruits is that they are versatile in promoting good health among human beings.

The fruits as we know them are limes (my favorite), lemons (I think this is yours or is it oranges) grape fruits, oranges and tangerines, and pumelo.

They are characteristic with a sour, bitter and sweet taste depending when ripe or unripe. Oranges and tangerines are sweet when ripe, but sour when unripe. Limes, lemons and grape fruits have always a sour taste and flavor.

Off these, limes seem to be the much sour. Lemons and grape fruits has a sour taste but not on the same degree as limes. It is the high citric acid content in lime fruits that make it sourer to taste.

Another good ingredient in these fruits that is most essential for health development is pectin. It is the vitamin C, citric acid plus this pectin that makes the fruit much versatile. These ingredients cannot be qualified in any other fruits and vegetables.

I was reading online and noted that vitamin C alone has over 300 metabolic functions to play in the human body! It is the most important vitamin the body needs because more than 60% of the body is water, and vitamin C is a water soluble substance.

The plants are always visited by ants and other insects which is unique to it.

The ants are like the visiting pollen insects and bees that make honey in beehives.

These visitors give flavor and taste to the fruits. On unfavorable conditions, the results can be negative resulting in the poor yield and quality; and the destruction of the fruits. I have not seen any insects or pest destroy a citrus fruit plant.

Did you know that citrus fruits produced under organic soil were always visit by ants? This is normal. 

If you visit these plant foods growing in inorganic gardens, you will see less of the silly visitors because they were always being checked with insecticides and pesticides.

That is why the fruits from two different soil backgrounds will not give the same results of nutritional value when apply to a cold issue.

All the talks about different types of ants, insects and pests if not control will destroy the plants were in the first instance brought about the chemicals that were apply to destroy the friendly visitors.

It is those that survived the chemical application changes to a more deadly and destructive species.
As a boy, I grow in an environment that cultivated the lime fruits, oranges and lemons for example. I see ants and other insects or pests visit the plants. These are natural and friendly.

No attempts were made to destroy these visitors. Yet, at harvest time, the yield is good and bountiful. The fruits are healthy and nutritious.

I once eat the lime fruits grown under inorganic gardens. In other words, the ones in which fertilizers and insecticides were applied. It proved ineffective for a cold issue. After a week, I tried synthetic vitamin C in the hope that it could be a booster to the limes I consumed. But the cold issue persists.

As a last resort, I reasoned that the limes from the inorganic farms despite their being much healthier as claimed did not delivered the magic. So I change gear to the organic lime fruits.

Within three days, the running nose, plus all sores on my tongues vanished.

So what cause this? What are the factors? What cause the differences?

I think you should do your own test and research too and get answers to all these questions.

Plant growing in the wild and in an organic garden, has much health benefits than the ones grown under inorganic control.

Sweet oranges can never grow in the wild because it is a cross-breed from the berry pumelo and the mandarin fruit.

The thinking in most circles that healthy food items come only from inorganic farms is false. Nature did not tell you change its circle. You can only work in tandem with it.

Another wrong thinking is that citrus fruits can cause cancer of the skin and erode the enamel of the teeth, by eating too much orange juice or OJ. All these have been proved false. An extract human tooth was soaked in OJ. It was notice it erode. Could it make any difference if it were soaked in pure water? The synthetic vitamin C you chew did not erode your tooth but a healthy food item? I can hardly believe an absurd practical test like this one made by scientists?!

Grape fruits were always eaten with a special knife, right? How many of your teeth have it erode? Did you wash your mouth with water after the snack? You should do so at once. This can prevent the enamel of the teeth from being attack. Other foods can do the same trick.

However, limes, lemons and grape fruits or their juices should be taken in dilute form because of their acids. It can irritate the teeth if taken directly; and taken over time affect it negatively.

Attempts have been made to grow some plant foods via, inorganic compounds in a greenhouse. 

Yams have been grown under this method. The yield seems good and healthy but lacks life 
supporting nutrients. It results in ill-health and was no longer cultivated. They now put the tuber (seeds) underground for nature to find its level.

Take another like honey. Wild stinging bees must visit the bee hives. It is this that impact taste, flavor and medicinal quality to the honey.

This further distinguished wild honey from manmade honey. The later consists of starch, sugar and color plus preservatives.

It is this organic background that made citrus fruits more effective in health promotion than the inorganic ones.

Whatever the negative factors that may be state against the citrus tree fruits, and their juices, they health promoting factors cannot be disputed. The minus issues are only an opinion for debate it seems.  Where is the proof that it forms cancers in the mouth, stomach, gut, intestines and colon? These questions are what the citrus fruits or its juices are solving!

In sum and on the positive side, it is the best remedy for preventing cancer in every internal cell of the body.

For those who eat the fruit or juices regularly, happy juicing and …

To your good health!

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Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.