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Monday, 14 September 2015

Making And Drinking A Cup Of Black Tea Part1

I like tea. I like to make and drink a cup of black or red tea.

Tea is the only liquid that is universally drunk next to water. You cannot find any other beverage to beat tea in this. Tea is the best and most drunk beverage in all countries. The beverage has a nice aromatic flavor. There is no nation or culture which did not know tea.

It is common to drink tea in the morning as a pick-me-up. I add a cube or a teaspoonful of brown sugar to the hot simmering liquid and a little milk and stir. Your cup of tea is ready to drink.

However, one can drink tea anytime and anywhere as a stimulating beverage. It can be made and offer to visiting guests. It is acceptable and most welcomed.

Tea, they say has its origin in China. It began as a medicinal drink under the name of green tea. Green tea, black tea, red tea or oolong tea all has one source, camellia sinensis from which the tea is made. 

Green tea is not fermented. It is only the others that went through the fermentation processes.

Green tea is bitter. I do not know any sweeten agent to make it sweet. Add milk, honey or what you care, it still remains bitter. It is usually drunk without adding any sweeter. But one can cut and squeeze a lime into the drink to savor the bitter taste. I even pitch a little salt to the brew to tenderize the bitter flavor.

Black Tea

Black or red tea is the most commonly drunk tea for refreshment, relaxation and as a stimulant. It is a fermented drink and can be stored for 1-2 years. It has an aromatic taste and flavor. It is usually blend with other varieties to give a better flavor.

The most popular is the Assam tea, although others like Ceylon tea are as good in flavor and quality.
Black tea is a very popular English tea; and it is this black or Assam tea make tea drinking famous all over the world. 

Black or red tea and at times confusedly called white tea when milk is added to it can be made and drunk along with any meal or after a meal for certain persons who do not like to drink water during a meal. It replaced water during the meal and as sugar and milk is added to the tea, contributed immensely to the quality and energy value of the food being eaten. Real white tea can be the first brew 10 seconds from green tea.

Any tea without addition of milk and sugar or similar substance has no food value. It serves only as a stimulating beverage. But tea is good in caffeine and magnesium only and keeps one alert without much side effect that coffee delivers. Tea is a good and mild stimulating drink.

If you drink black tea regularly during a meal, you will not miss your daily intake of antioxidants, that agent which fight free radicals in the body.

Tea is the only beverage I know next to lime and lemons and the citrus fruits that is ever ready to fight free radicals very early when digestion of food substance began. You can not find any better than these.

You see, free radicals start to be very active when digestion is in process. And starting eating a meal with tea will begin to fight and destroy the free radicals before much damage is done in the body. The moment digestion starts, your respiratory systems is stimulate and this is an area free radicals can even began to invade. The other is the immune system.

The contract For A Youth

1.      He shall buy tea. Buy tea and keep a tea bag at home always. It is an invigorating and stimulating drink. Any time I am in a good supermarket, I usually check if I can get my favorite brands of tea bags. I take home two or three different brands.

2.      He shall boil tea. Make a cup of tea always for self and household. Make some tea to share with friendly visitors. I like to watch good films and relax when I am less busy. I am amazed by host offering tea most of the time to friends. It is very cheap to make a cup of tea. Drinking tea is a way of life.

3.      There was this story of one of my cousin paying homage to his late father. He pray God to prepare a small table in heaven with tea for his father, because decease was fond of drinking black tea much of the time.

Tea: A Univesal Beverage

Like as said before, tea is widely drunk in all countries. It is drink with or without sugar, milk, honey, salt and bitter lemons or limes; and adding even alcohol. One can drink tea by flavoring it with what you fancy even if it were a root spice like ginger or mint.

My first cup is always in the morning after drinking four cups of water, and waiting for 45 minutes before drinking the tea especially with semi-roast peanuts, fried sardines or mullets and biscuits. It is a starter for the day as part of my main breakfast.

What one adds to and drinks the tea will depended on one’s cultural background. Different countries and culture has its own additives. 

It is common to add some milk to black tea among English speaking countries. But too much milk in the tea will lessen the beneficial effect of the beverage.

So your tea is how you make it.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.