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Green Leafy Vegetable
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Monday, 14 September 2015

Making And Drinking A Cup Of Black Tea Part1

I like tea. I like to make and drink a cup of black or red tea.

Tea is the only liquid that is universally drunk next to water. You cannot find any other beverage to beat tea in this. Tea is the best and most drunk beverage in all countries. The beverage has a nice aromatic flavor. There is no nation or culture which did not know tea.

It is common to drink tea in the morning as a pick-me-up. I add a cube or a teaspoonful of brown sugar to the hot simmering liquid and a little milk and stir. Your cup of tea is ready to drink.

However, one can drink tea anytime and anywhere as a stimulating beverage. It can be made and offer to visiting guests. It is acceptable and most welcomed.

Tea, they say has its origin in China. It began as a medicinal drink under the name of green tea. Green tea, black tea, red tea or oolong tea all has one source, camellia sinensis from which the tea is made. 

Green tea is not fermented. It is only the others that went through the fermentation processes.

Green tea is bitter. I do not know any sweeten agent to make it sweet. Add milk, honey or what you care, it still remains bitter. It is usually drunk without adding any sweeter. But one can cut and squeeze a lime into the drink to savor the bitter taste. I even pitch a little salt to the brew to tenderize the bitter flavor.

Black Tea

Black or red tea is the most commonly drunk tea for refreshment, relaxation and as a stimulant. It is a fermented drink and can be stored for 1-2 years. It has an aromatic taste and flavor. It is usually blend with other varieties to give a better flavor.

The most popular is the Assam tea, although others like Ceylon tea are as good in flavor and quality.
Black tea is a very popular English tea; and it is this black or Assam tea make tea drinking famous all over the world. 

Black or red tea and at times confusedly called white tea when milk is added to it can be made and drunk along with any meal or after a meal for certain persons who do not like to drink water during a meal. It replaced water during the meal and as sugar and milk is added to the tea, contributed immensely to the quality and energy value of the food being eaten. Real white tea can be the first brew 10 seconds from green tea.

Any tea without addition of milk and sugar or similar substance has no food value. It serves only as a stimulating beverage. But tea is good in caffeine and magnesium only and keeps one alert without much side effect that coffee delivers. Tea is a good and mild stimulating drink.

If you drink black tea regularly during a meal, you will not miss your daily intake of antioxidants, that agent which fight free radicals in the body.

Tea is the only beverage I know next to lime and lemons and the citrus fruits that is ever ready to fight free radicals very early when digestion of food substance began. You can not find any better than these.

You see, free radicals start to be very active when digestion is in process. And starting eating a meal with tea will begin to fight and destroy the free radicals before much damage is done in the body. The moment digestion starts, your respiratory systems is stimulate and this is an area free radicals can even began to invade. The other is the immune system.

The contract For A Youth

1.      He shall buy tea. Buy tea and keep a tea bag at home always. It is an invigorating and stimulating drink. Any time I am in a good supermarket, I usually check if I can get my favorite brands of tea bags. I take home two or three different brands.

2.      He shall boil tea. Make a cup of tea always for self and household. Make some tea to share with friendly visitors. I like to watch good films and relax when I am less busy. I am amazed by host offering tea most of the time to friends. It is very cheap to make a cup of tea. Drinking tea is a way of life.

3.      There was this story of one of my cousin paying homage to his late father. He pray God to prepare a small table in heaven with tea for his father, because decease was fond of drinking black tea much of the time.

Tea: A Univesal Beverage

Like as said before, tea is widely drunk in all countries. It is drink with or without sugar, milk, honey, salt and bitter lemons or limes; and adding even alcohol. One can drink tea by flavoring it with what you fancy even if it were a root spice like ginger or mint.

My first cup is always in the morning after drinking four cups of water, and waiting for 45 minutes before drinking the tea especially with semi-roast peanuts, fried sardines or mullets and biscuits. It is a starter for the day as part of my main breakfast.

What one adds to and drinks the tea will depended on one’s cultural background. Different countries and culture has its own additives. 

It is common to add some milk to black tea among English speaking countries. But too much milk in the tea will lessen the beneficial effect of the beverage.

So your tea is how you make it.

To your good health!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ayurvedic Therapy; Goodmorning Water Medicine That Flush Your Digestive And Respiratory System Part2

Ayurvedic: early morning water treatment. It is an ancient Indian method of treating ill-health by means of water only.

The treatment is so effective that some of these diseases cured by ayurvedic therapy will not respond easily to western medical practice. Ayurvedic is a natural and water based. No drugs are used. Water is the only base “drug.”

Water, chemically called hydrogen oxide is composed of hydrogen and oxygen alone in the ratio of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom, and is chemically written as H2O.

The human body is mostly water so to speak. It is estimate to be 80% water. The balance of 20% is what we called flesh and bone. The flesh and bone is chiefly the mineral matters or elemental compounds of copper, zinc, calcium, sodium and iron. Others are potassium, iodine, phosphorous and other trace elements, that the on the demise of the human soul, we called dust and ash.

If the human corpse is soaked in a highly volatile liquid and set ablaze as it is done in some oriental cultures, what is obtainable after the charred remain is a shovelful only of the big corpse. This is the 20% flesh and bone.

Ayurvedic therapy was kept as a secret for a long time to only the initiated. But many thanks to Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, a medical doctor trained at Queens College Medical Hospital, London.

He became a political prisoner in Iran due to his political beliefs. He was imprisoned and while in prison he became sick with ulcer.

Dr. Batmanghelidj resort to treating himself and his fellow prisoners with the only drug provide by the prison authority, water. It was a success story. After his prison terms, he delve into researching dehydration and treatment by water only.

Now, every man and woman can benefit from his many research and findings and finds life worth living.

It is due to his many research and findings that prompt the Japanese to discover water therapy.

We can make a better worthful life from all these efforts.

Ayurvedic therapy is so effective with its impressive lists of illness that the treatment delivers to the envy of western medicine.

Here are some of the many diseases:
·         Asthma
·         High Blood Pressure (HBP)
·         Diabetes

 A  Although ayurvedic is aimed toward sick patients, any person with sound good health can learn to practice this early morning water treatment once or twice in the week, and enjoy its many excellent health benefits.
I do not see any sense in practicing ayurvedic daily if you are not sick. But it is sensible if you can do make a little out of it every day. Yes, I am a firm believer in water treatment and I do drink at most two to three glass of water on rising up from sleep in the morning before taking on my pre-breakfast.

What is the sense of a healthy person drinking down 5 to 6 litres of water early in the morning before anything else? Done regularly, it can upset the salt-sugar balance in the blood stream, which can then result into diahrrhoe.

Ayurvedic also aimed dissolving waste and poisonous deposits in the human body, and removing such wastes and poisons out of the body system via, drinking much water early in the morning.

The world is now much westernized than ever. Even the oriental countries have gone westernized. Go to most remote villages and you will see the culture of westernization in every corner. I mean especially that of food and drink. Everything that is eatable is made instant into a can, bottle or foils. You can get canned soups ready to eat on the go and so on.From eating these many convenience foods, many of us get the deposit of synthetic chemicals into our body systems.

Take both high blood pressure (HBP) and diabetes as an example of disease. These two can be the results of eating beef or any other canned foods which has too much salt and condiments; or juices like oranges, apples and pineapples which are laden with artificial flavors and sugar concentrates. 

The prolong eating of these stuffs over the years is cause of such ill-health and others.

Westernized medicine has not yet found an answer to the above two questions, HBP and diabetes. It advice you reduced your intake of such convenience foods and you add fruits and vegetables (FAV) more matter to the diet always to the point of 13 servings in a day. From the FAV more matter, I take it you can get enough pure or hydrogenised water for the body. This is the best western medicine can give you.

More so, some western medical institutes are now resorting to natural methods of treating these diseases. The famed Mayo Clinic is famous in this.

If you think you have HBP due to your overweight condition, and you are not seeing effective result from consulting your doctor, you can try ayurvedic therapy.

The limited period is only 30 days to go for the treatment, whereas it takes a longer time with western medicine without good result.

The underlining principle that drinking 5-6 litres of water in the morning will aim at:

·         Hunger-you do not feel hungry and do not get to eat anything meal
·         Within 40 to 60 minutes, your metabolic rate speeds up
·         Unwanted fats and tissues in the body is burnt down for energy
·         This aimed to reduced our body mass index
·         The result is that both your blood pressure and weight is set to reduce
·         You have to drink the 6 litres daily for the 30 days period.

·         At the end of drinking each litre, wait for an hour or two and have a light meal consisting of fruits and vegetables. Go to the low Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) ones. This in addition help lower your body weight.

So, how do you go on to drinking 6 litres of water very early in the morning to achieve these results?

Drinking 1 liter of water in the morning posed a problem to me initially, so how can you drink 6 liters? 1 litre of water is roughly 3 glasses. How about taking a glass say after every 30 minutes? This is the steady way to do it after some 30 minutes. So within an hour time, you can drink 1 litre.

If you continue the action at a reasonable interval that suits you, you can make do with 6 litres before mid-day or by noon time.

After my last meal at evening time, I went to bed depending on what I have to do the next day. Times are that I went to bed at 7.00 PM. I can wake up between 9.00 PM and 12 mid-night. I will slowly sip down a glass of water whether I am tasty or not. Or, it is that I wake up to urinate. I will go for that glass of water and went back to sleep. Why you may ask. My answer is that I do not want my body to dehydrate.


Ayurvedic therapy further aimed against the dehydration of the human body. As said earlier, 80% of the human body is composed of water. This is a well established fact. In other words, it means if a person weights100kg, 80% of the body weight is water. Anything below this amount is dehydration; and it signify a pointer for a disease like headache to arise which we can mistakenly think is also a sign of a fever.

Dehydration of the body is more rapid in the night when one is sleeping than in the day time when you are active. During sleep, many actions is going on in the body like the heart beat, respiration, all the body muscles preparing for the next day activities and so on. Perspiration even takes place plus urination. All these take a lot of water. One hardly wake up to eat and replaced the lost. It is not usually at night. In the day, any lost of water we normally taken back in meals, snacks, lunch and supper. Most of us snack at most four times in the day with either sweeten juices or bottled water.

So I wake up at night to drink some water. It is a good thing rehydrating the body with reasonable amounts of water for good health benefit.

To your good health!

1.5 Liter water roughly 6 glasses

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Ayurvedic Therapy: Good morning Water medicine That flush Your Digestive And Excretory Systems Part1

Ayurvedic therapy is an ancient Indian practice of drinking water early in the morning in order to get rid of waste deposits inside the body from the food you digest and poisonous deposits not only from foods we eat but from drugs and any other sources.

In my treatment on the citrus fruit juices, I wrote it is better on waking up from sleep to have a warm cup of the citrus fruit juices in other to flush the body system.
 I add that even drinking a cup of cool water early in the morning is much better without the juices as a last resort before eating the early morning breakfast.
 I further state that I usually drink a cup of cool water an hour before treating myself to the citrus fruit juices as my pre-breakfast meal for the early morning activity before the day’s work.

Dehydration Or Fever?

Before a person wake up from sleep, or during sleep after mid night, one feels feverish at times. You even had a headache. This later can even be mistaken for a fever. You wake up and take a capsule or medication for the fever, right? 

I have experienced this issue. This is because during sleep, your body dehydrates and calls for water medicine and not a synthetic western medicine or medication.

When you sleep, the body though inert is doing some sort of work that takes a lot of energy and releasing carbon dioxide and water vapour via, breathing out. This is where dehydration comes into the picture during sleep.

Did you sweat during sleep? Again you will lost some water via the skin pores. Do all these counts? Yes, it does.

If you are in a terrifying dream, the perspiration will be so much with rapid heartbeat that water lost when you go back to sleep is very much is serious enough.

So this water that is lost we though insignificant as it seems, need to be replaced. What about the lost when you wake up to urinated? All these very count much as in the day time. We usually replaced all these losses in eating during the day. But at night while sleeping we do not feel or border to wake up and eat. It is not usually.

Like as I say, I experienced the problem. I think it was a fever. But in the morning and day time it is all gone. It will only occur during sleep again.

And so if I had this feeling again, I will just wake up and gulp down a full glass of water slowly. That is all that I need.

Now, if I do not feel feverish during the day time, how come it is experienceable only during my sleeping hours?

During sleep, the body dehydrates much faster than during the working periods because one is not in a position to eat, drink fluids and snack fruits and vegetables.

To avoid the condition of dehydration in the night time as I sleep, I treat myself to a 50 cl of cool water very early in the morning (12.00 midnight if I chance to wake up). I can wake up anytime between 12.00 and 4.00AM and will again have another glass of water. Then on fully waking up from sleep, another 1 glass of water before juicing with a glass of the citrus fruit juices (at times along with a cup of cucumber fruit) which provide additional pure water to my digestive and excretory system. Remember cucumber is one of the only fruits that have a Glycemic Index (GI) of zero. It has no starch or sugar. It’s energy value is zero. Its water is naturally pure and ionized. It will help much in rehydrating and flushing both your digestive and excretory system very early in the morning before taking your main breakfast.

This second treatment is my mach2 (I beg your pardon) so to speak. I think you can understand it better. 

The cucumber fruit help in refining the cleansing process like as in 2 in1 razor blade for a neater shaving. This is what I mean by mach2.

Ayurvedic: Early Morning Water Treatment

The practice is now popularly known as ayurvedic or early morning water treatment or drinking water in the morning, or water therapy. They say it is an ancient ayurvedic medicine treatment for curing certain diseases and iIl-health. Whatever the case, it is natural for a person to wake up late at night for a cup of water. Here some people fail to note their sense of taste. Again, it is even more so natural that you drink a cup of water as you should be somehow thirsty when you wake up from sleep. Some people even failed to note this well, but go for a cup of tea, coffee, or any other liquid. Have you never experienced such questions before? I have. 

Prison Breakthroughs Of Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj
In course of his political imprisonment in Iran, some 17 years ago, Dr. Batmanghelidj  contact a stress related disease ulcer, and submitted himself to drinking only water.

He got healed and was compel to treat his fellow prisoners with only water, and this experiment was again a success to the amazement of all.

After his release from prison, he devoted himself to research on hydrotherapy, that is treating diseases with water only, and published his many findings to the world as his legacy.

In this way, what is a hidden secret in ayurvedic is made known to all. Are we making much use of this?
A bodily symptom like headache, can be an undistinguish sigh of dehydration. We usually say it signified a feverish condition and we go for medication. Pre-mature balding can be a sign of dehydration. There are many others like cancer, joint pains, dyspepsia, etc.

But the prescription we are given is taken down our throats with a full glass of water. Or what else do you think it is? I have seen a person taken his/her doctors prescriptions with a bottle of mineral or malt drink instead of water. What do you think is the principal ingredient of these drinks contain? Water!

Water Is Also Food

Water can be considered as a food. Water is the only food that has no energy. In my basic biology lessons, I was informed water is also food. It is usually classified last after the vitamin and mineral salts and so we usually ignored this food item or abused it in most cases. But it will help to release the energy the body needs for some activities. If you drink a lot of water in the morning, you will not go hungry soon. If you drink a lot of water during meal, you will eat less. Why do you think is this? 

Certain persons go on a long fast without eating any food. But they cannot go this far without water. It provided the dissolving agent and removal of all the wastes generate in the body.

Denied the body without water for a long time, too much waste will gather in the colon, kidney and liver.  These wastes have to be dissolved and removed by water. Nothing can do better than water here. Ignored this and all your bodily system becomes poisoned. 

For example, just allow your outward skin or cloths to stay on dirt without treating with clean water and you know what happen. But we hardly think it occur inside the body with poisons. And in this way, also help to release latent energy in the body.

Water is also the principal constituent of the body. All the body system on overall is 80% water; the remainder being mineral matters that made up of what is called flesh and bone. So if a person weights 100kg, he /she is 80% water and 20% dust.

Ayurvedic: Drink Water In The Morning

In the morning on waking up, have a glass or two of water before anything else, than you can go on  drinking that favorite warm cup of tea with add milk and sugar after an hour or so.

Some authorities say you should drink 1.5 litre of water. This is about 5 to 6 glass of water. This is excellent if you are on a weight reducing program, and if you are facing a seriously condition like leukemia or kidney, or high blood pressure (HBP) problem. In most cases, you should even see your doctor for the issue. But I have not in the morning drink 5 glass of water on waking up from sleep. The most I could drink is 3 glasses.

Drinking too much water can also have a serious side effect on the body if you are not facing any bodily issue. The liver will be over burden with too much work. It is this organ that regulates the water content of the body and helps in excreting excess water from the body. Do not abuse it. Doing so is also asking for trouble. Ayurvedic water therapy is not getting people into trouble by creating even a side effect with water. It’s aim is to dissolve and removes all wastes and poisons in the body systems.

Again, drinking too much water during meals can even be bad for digestion. It destroyed the medium enzyme reactions takes place and can cause diahorrhoe if the salt-sugar balance is neutralized. A sip here and there to mix and dissolve the digested foods is all that is need during meal time. The food you are eating has enough water content. After 30 minutes of eating, you can drink down half a glass. When tasty, take another half of a glass and so on. After 2 to 4 hours when the stomach is completely empty, you can drink down a full glass or two. 

However, a very active person can sensible take a full glass all the time. This is to replace water lost by perspiration and sweating.

This will flush and evacuate the stomach. If hungry at this time, snack your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables.

To your good health!

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lime Essential Oil From Line Zest

As a person who like lime fruits and lime juices, there is one thing about the lime fruit people usually miss. It is the lime oil from the lime zest.

Unless you are someone who is green friendly, you never will know this or you only get an adulteration of the real thing in some cosmetic stores; or it is only a chemical component of the lime oil in any cream, shampoo, oil, nail polish, and so on.

We all think because fruits and vegetables are water soluble, and since these do not contain fats and oils as in most other foods, these are just plain starch and sugars, consisting mostly of vitamins and photonutrient compounds.

However, what is not realized is that parts of fruits and vegetables also contain oils, called essential oils from the green skin or zest. Even the seeds contain oil. Many have not noted this well.

This oils are called essential oils. These are used in many creams, lotions, paints and in some cases, add to foods and drugs.

They do not provide energy but excellent for promoting health benefit. A little or a microscope drop is all that is need to dilute with any other vegetable oil for food. For example, half a teaspoon of lime essential oil is enough to dilute with 50oz of olive oil for dressing your meal. I do not mean you should use all the 50oz at a go. No, 1 tablespoonful of the dilution is enough to dress your plate of salad.

On the other hand, if you take half of the teaspoon of the original line essential oil in the salad, you will react adversely in purging of your intestines. This is a serious minus in misusing the oil. 

Lime oil should always be use in a dilute form. This is the positive side of the oil.
With the exception of vitamin C and C1 which you can get in eating the fresh lime fruit juice and its white pitch, you get all the other health promoting benefit from the essential lime oils.

Pure substance

I chanced to take part in a chemistry class some years ago. This was in my grammar or secondary school days.
The teacher well noted for his proficiency in teaching chemistry got me and the others on analyzing a pure substance. He said any substance that has a definite composition like water, because it contains only oxygen and hydrogen atoms is to be regard as a pure substance. Any other addition is an impurity and has to be removed. This is what is done to get pure iron from its ore or iron ore.

The defining point is that it should have a definite composition to pass the essence of a pure substance. This definite composition can only contain two, three or more element. It can even be a single entity like oxygen.
So if an element has an extra part it is not pure as seen in the iron ore, which consists of iron and dust particles (earth).

To get the real deal, pure lime oil will come from the lime fruit zest citrus aurantifolia, especially the ones from organic farms and gardens. The lime fruit from inorganic farms is polluted with chemicals, pesticides and insecticides; and a not very suitable for the lime essential oil production.

This citrus aurantifolia is the genus species from which all pure lime oil is made otherwise known as lime essential oil.

It is the green rind of the fruit that provides the oil.

So what are the benefits of the lime oil?

All the health and medicinal benefits you get in eating the lime fruit whole, you get also in the oil, except vitamin C and its subgroup of C1.

If you have been following my talks on lime fruits and its juices so far, I am sure you will not miss the health promoting goodness of the lime oil. I think you only need a summary here.

The oil is antiseptic, astringent, disinfectant, restorative and antiviral. It is also aperitif and bactericidal.
There are two methods to get the oil: cold compression and steam distillation.

Each method has its value but the former delivers better dividends. You get all the essence of the lime fruits, via the lime oil from compressing the green rinds.

Another rather homemade method is infusion of the green lime fruit rinds in a pure vegetable oil like virgin olive oil or pure peanut oil.

Put 20cl of the vegetable oil in a saucepan and heat this for 10 to 15 minutes over moderate or low heat, that is at a temperature that the oil will not burnt your finger tip.

Remove and put the fresh green rinds into the warm oil in the sauce pan. Cover and allow to stand for over 3 hours. You can leave it overnight and filter the oil off into a clean container with an air tight seal.

If however, you get the commercial product, these are available in the market, do dilute these with other oils like olive oil, lavender oil, or sage oil, or cocoa nut oil. 

Undiluted pure lime oil is a very strong astringent, and can be a health risk to all persons including children. So you have to blend it in a dilute form. 

One major characteristic of the pure lime oil is that it is photosensitive. Their usually reacts to ultraviolet rays, light and radiation energy from the sun and other sources.

A safe practice is to use it in the night time on skin or if you are not going nowhere in the day time. You remain indoors all the time.

I always use a tiny drop of the lime essential oil in dilute form to rob on my hairs and scalp two times in the week. I also take a tiny drop in some of my meals for its promoting digestion and containing respiratory issues.

To your good health!
Lime Oil

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