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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lemons Helps You Overcome Vitamin C Deficiency

Lemons will help you overcome any vitamin C deficiency. Because this vitamin is water soluble, it easily comes into contact with any free radicals in the body cells and fight against them.

Lemons belong to the citrus fruit family. It comes second in terms of sourness. Dilute lemon juice from organic farms is full of many health and body building nutrients. It is the first fruit identified with vitamin C properties and was initially used to treat scurvy. 

Fortunately, limes proved to be stronger and more effective in the prevention and cure of scurvy among sea bound sailors, navy, explorers and adventurers; and so limes replaced lemons in this respect.

It has a slightly sweet taste and aromatic flavor. One authority classified it as vitamin C1 and is found mostly in the white skin of the citrus fruits. So in eating the peels of these citrus fruits, you get vitamin C1.

Now, lemons are well noted in some household kitchens and dinner tables due to their sweet taste and flavor.
You can take a drop of the lemon juice in your water or meals and this will help you overcome all vitamin C deficiency and prevent many of the ailments associated with this deficiency. 

The taste thought somehow sour can be made sweet by adding half a teaspoonful of black sugar (5g) into it the glass of dilute mixture. This made the mixture lemonade. You can snack it as a cool refreshing drink anytime.

You will notice well I say brown sugar and not white refined sugar. For white refined sugar is deficiency in all natural food nutrients. It is only fortify with synthetic vitamins and mineral matters.

Brown unrefined sugar has all the good food nutrients that your body need for good health. It will work in union with the organic lemon and enhanced its medicinal and health value.

Most people prefer lemon fruits or its juices to that of limes; and so found a ready place any time especially at breakfast, lunch, or supper; or as a snack.


If you do not like limes because of their much sour tastes, you can get on lemons as an alternative.
It is much better you make a start with these fruits in the morning. This is to make sure you have a healthy intestinal tract that will develop your immune system. 

You see when you cut and squeeze lemon juice into a glass of warm water and take this first in the morning you are helping to clean your digestive, excretory and respiratory systems. This will in turn develop your immune system and made it strong to fight illness and invading virus, especially that of a cold or flu.

You will get a better result if you chew a cup or half of cucumber fruit along with the dilute lemon juice. It will strongly scrub your intestines and you will have a mild purge. This preparation is a remedy for constipation. It is the best alternative remedy for constipation instead of herb teas gotten over the counter.

I make use of this cucumber and lemon fruit juice two times in the week to keep my intestinal tracts in good condition. Nonetheless, I regularly take dilute lime juice (my favorite) as my pre-breakfast drink.

Do not misunderstand me here. There were times that I get all the five citrus fruits, limes, lemons, grape fruits, oranges and tangerines and blend them together for a pre-breakfast. I share same with my family. At times, I do add two to three pieces (1 cup) fresh red tomatoes to the mixture to enhance more nutritional value.

When a cold or flu attacked your body, it opens the door to all other diseases. So see to it that your immune system is always at a peak level.

Some persons have complained of allergic reactions while eating the fruit along with their main breakfast. Perhaps, you are drinking a cup of tea with milk in it or you are enjoying the breakfast along with a glass of milk.

Now, take the lemon and squeeze it into that glass of milk, See what happen? It is not positive that is why yogurts are good for every person. I happen to experienced this too. And so some of the things we eat need a friendly companion to go with it. Otherwise, the reaction is negative. I think you get it right.

One more thing here. As a person who regularly do all these, I realize that most mornings I need to be more energetic. Instead of going for a cup of black tea with added milk and sugar, I will cut two pieces of the lemon fruits and squeezed same into a glass of water plus one teaspoonful of brown sugar. Remember lemons have carbohydrates and sugars too. This lemonade will serve as an energetic drink for me while going through my early morning routines like writing my blogs. This is a good pick-me-up!


In your breakfasts, lunch or supper, always include lemon fruits or juices for their wonderful health benefit and medicinal qualities. Lemons are loaded with many nutrients, except fats. If you miss them in meals snack them. These come in the right proportion and balance.

Something that is worthy to miss in eating lemon fruits is their dietary fibers. When you cut and squeeze the juice (sugar and water) into a glass you miss the fibers and much more. So why not peel the zest or skin off and crushed the entire thing in a blender? The resulting product is worth more than the juice alone. It is in this that you get all the vitamins and mineral matters 100%.

Vitamin C Plus

Most of the time, we eat fruits and vegetables because of their vitamin C contents.

All we realize or had in mind is that is that it will cure the common cold or a cold issue. But vitamin C or ascorbic acid will not cure the cold. The belief is a gross misinformation. It is an adverting promotion to sell synthetic vitamin C to the public. But vitamin C can prevent a cold if you had a strong immune system; otherwise, it is a minus effort.

When you regularly eat citrus fruits especially lime, lemon and grape fruits, you are on your way to see that your immune system is receiving good care.

Lemons, limes and grape fruits contain citric acids and pectin much more than oranges and tangerines.

Pectin is another form of the vitamin C sub-group. This fact is not much known. It is found only in the whites of the citrus fruits. It is eating the whole fruits that you get pectin. So you have to blend a piece or two of the fruits and get your does of pectin or you chew the whole thing with the seeds (citrus fruit seeds are good for expelling parasite worms). The whites and the seeds bitter to the tastes. If you blend it, add a teaspoon of honey or black sugar to the mixture.

As said before, you get a hundred percent of all the goodness in the fruit.

There is much more that lemon fruits can do in helping to restore health and well being to the human body. Well among these questions is cancer prevention. Cancer is a tract for generating all known ill-health. Cancer destroys any good cell in the body on its rampaging course, rendering them useless. That is why the body can completely break down which usually leads to death.

To your good health!
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