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Monday, 31 August 2015

The Goodness Of Lime Fruits Part2

Let’s continue our talks on lime fruits and conclude same here.

One of the best things about the lime fruits and its juice is its many excellent medicinal properties and its use in the prevention and curative values of ill-health.

It is on record that what modern medicine in its advance stage could not do, lime fruits can and this is good news indeed.

Among all fruits, lime fruits come to mind as the best medicinal fruit. We saw in part 1 of this discourse how the English navy used it to keep scurvy at bay in their many seafaring voyage or military conquest. They kept this as a secret for years and dominated the high seas.

Now, all these is shared and no longer a secret, but only to the ignorant minds.

It is on this basis that lime fruit is distributed to workers in many unfriendly work place where scurvy is likely to break out, like coal mines, cement factories, heat furnaces and painting shops.

Other health benefit information on the fruit and its juice include the following and much more.

Care of the skin: The juice and its oils care wonderfully for the skin. This can be the consumption of the entire fruit or externally applied. Due to its many antibiotic, antiseptic and disinfectant properties, lime fruit juice or limeade and its oils (lime oil) cures rashes, dandruff, enzymes, acnes and pimples. That is why they are the main ingredients in many cosmetics, skin and hair care lotions and oils.

Easing Constipation: The acids in lime fruit juices scrub and wash off any dirty in both the excretory and digestive systems. This in turn benefits the immune system. In this way, it helps to ease constipation.
When I was a boy, I used a pitch or two of common salt to mix two or three pieces of the lime fruits that I squeezed into a cup of warm water. This prevents the juice from being too sour. This solution or mixture is a good purgative remedy. When it is taken with a cup of cucumber fruit, it strongly evacuated dirty in the intestines and has no negative side effect.
This is one of the best homemade purgative herbal remedies without resorting to herbal teas over the counter.

Prevents Diabetes Lime fruits can be use to prevent diabetes mellitus. The Glycemic Index (GI) of the fruits is 0 or 1. And prevents the tendency of the blood glucose (sugar level) to rise high.. This is related to preventing high blood pressure and heart diseases. This is because of the high soluble fibre in the fruits.

Prevents Fever Many agreed that lime fruits can prevent fever and it is also an antidote for its treatment. My experience here is should I develop a feverish condition, (I rarely get sick these days due to my taking good care of my body with natures greens) I will squeezed at least two fresh lime fruits into a cup of warm black tea. I take this three times morning, noon and evening to cleanse my digestive system. Then I will eat my supper.

Cholera Cholera can strike any time without notice. Talks about it being confirm only to some third world countries is useless. It is a very serious disease where water is concern. So if by mistake a water system, whether domestic, public or industrial get polluted, cholera can strike, right?
So here is the chance to put a few drops of fresh lime juice in your drinking water no matter how safe it is. The few drops of the juice you squeezed into the drinking water refreshed the water much more with a nice flavor.

In this way, one can prevent many other ailments like gum disease of the mouth and gout because of its vitamin C powerhouse.

We know all fruits and vegetables has vitamin C. For example, guava has 85% vitamin C; while lime has 35%. But due to the citric acid content of the lime fruits, its vitamin C is more powerful than any other fruits and vegetables. It provides a strong source of antioxidants and detoxifiers (vitamin C plus flavonoids). This helps to destroy free radicals in the blood stream.

Piles I cannot remember the last time I bleed when I went to eased myself in the toilet. But I do know for sure that I bleed. Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. It happen in the anal part of the body when you when to stool or piss. Limes prevent its formation without any side effects.

Lime, further prevent and cures any sores as a result of the hemorrhoids. In this way, cancers of the colon and anus can be get rid off.

As a person who is taking limes regularly in my drinking waters, I have not see the disease occur again, not even in my household or family. That is why I can recommend it to be used freely in salads, cooktail, wines, teas, and all meals just by sprinkling a few drops of its juices on the food one is about to eat. You can add it to all any other fruits and get a maximum benefit in its vitamin C plus citric acid content.

Kidney Stone Precipitation Lime fruits have a very high potassium quality. In the urinary bladder and kidneys, chemicals from drugs and refined food carbohydrates get a place for deposing. These toxin items were usual removed by the addition of fresh lime fruits or its juices during meal time. The lime juices were so effective in dissolving the kidney stones and other toxins. Furthermore, it cures infections in the urinary system and stops the growth of prostrate cancer in men according to research findings.

Weight Loss Program As well noted, limes have excellent citric acid contents. This qualified the lime fruits as a weight reducing agents in burning the fats in the body in the form of adipose tissues.
Cut and squeezed two or three fresh lime fruits into a glass of warm water and drink this in the morning. It will help in reducing your weight.

In addition, at noon time you can make a snack of the juice with a cucumber fruit. Remember both lime fruits and cucumber fruits have a very low Glycemic Index (GI) 1.

Therefore, you gain a zero weight but loss some weight in a day. In a week time, you will see amazing result. So, if you are very fat person and you want to lose some weight, snack a cucumber fruit with limes, even for breakfast, lunch or supper daily.

To your good health!

Mienakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copy right 2015.