Green Leafy Vegetable

Green Leafy Vegetable
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Welcome To Greens4Food Blog

Welcome to green4foods blog.

It is all about getting the best out of the green foods or raw foods we see in nature without destroying its many natural benefits. I mean we should not cook or fried any fruits. Green leafy vegetables if not cooked half done must be washed with clean warm water.

I think you understand the issue well. When I say green, I do not limit myself to fruits and vegetables only in a technical or scientific sense. Personally, I will include birds, animals and marine spices that breed in their natural and friendly premise.

Many of us wash our greens in fresh cool water because these came from inorganic farms. Yes, these are clean protected from virus but are loaded with insecticides and chemicals used as fertilizers.

You see this is a fast tract age. Whatever one needs can be gotten at the push of a button; or you warmed a can of soup in a micro oven, then opened it and you are done.

We can do the same thing by unpacking noodles, beef-rice, pork chop and what you have in a pot and warm same in the oven and it is done.

We are told this ready to eat meals are much cleaner, healthier, fortify with multivitamin and mineral matters.

Some of these convenience foods were even said to be fortify with vitamins and mineral matters from sea weeds as if that obtained from the synthetic process is not enough.

I can even imagine one day or some days vitamins and minerals from the moon can be super fortified with these convenience foods because life, it is said is being discovered there or in mars?

Yes, even fruits and vegetables one can easily get in a canned form.

What about potato chips or pop-corn? It all goes with a bottled fruit juice or mineral drink.

These are very delicious and palatable with all its promised goodness of health.

Yes, they are enriched or rather fortified with vitamins and minerals. Well by taking both the chips and drinks you get more than is expect of you, right?

Nevertheless, I can say here that all the promise of the food being fortify is a marketing and promotional strategy employ by the manufacturing company.

Do the real natural things go into these products? This is hardly the case.

If you read label on the products well, you will realize that the real juice are not there 85%, but flavors were the only main ingredients in these items.

Where it says for the contents preservatives, lime flavor, vitamin C, etc these are all synthetics chemicals.

Glaring advertising preparation of the drinks do not contained the real fruit juices as seen on television.

But you can get 100% fruit juice-real lime, lemon or orange juice or any other fruit juices at a princely price in most good wine stores.

Once more, to get the real thing, you will force yourself out to buy it at a local vegetable or fruit market. You get value for your money and health for getting them in their natural complex state.
This is the state in which green or raw foods are in a balanced state. Here their retained all their goodness, vitamin, mineral matters or photochemicals.

I can hardly believe it that process foods are more digestible than complex ones.

Before the introduction of refined foods, mankind has been eating from nature in its green or raw states for decades without much ill-health. And to say now that refined foods or convenience foods have better health values than the natural green foods is misinformation.

This is an absurd thinking. The inventors of this school are more interested in money than your health or anything else.

Okay, grant the fact some truths can be realize in this test, it pose some risk in promoting ill-health.

With the introduction of machines, the refining process takes on a new dimension.

 Now, nearly every foodstuff including fruits and vegetables can be refined; and they do have an eye opening results in our body. All these are momentary leaving loads of sickness that doctors cannot now control.

They are shook by the many results seen in eating unwholesome foods.

Now health workers including doctors and dieticians are telling us to eat more of natural food source than the convenience foods. 

They say you should take 13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Why is this so you may query. My answer is to dissolve and dislodge the ill effect done by the many refined foods you have taken into your body. What you eat is what you are, or you become. You eat sickness, you become sick. You eat health, you become healthy, right? You should think of it this way.

Medical research has shown that persons who eat a lot of natural foods in their raw complex states including fruits and vegetables more matters were more healthier than those who subsists on all refined foods. The former groups were free of heart disease and its related ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. The research carried a period of 17 years.

In this blog, I will high light foods that will benefit every person in more than one way including kids and elder persons; the history, nature, benefits and medicinal use if any. Much more than this, it will inform and educate.

Above all else, I will welcome all comments and suggestions gladly. It is a way of sharing much information on questions likely to arise.

More so, include some greens every day in all your meals or snack an orange or a berry.

To your good health!

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