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Monday, 7 September 2015

Ayurvedic Therapy: Good morning Water medicine That flush Your Digestive And Excretory Systems Part1

Ayurvedic therapy is an ancient Indian practice of drinking water early in the morning in order to get rid of waste deposits inside the body from the food you digest and poisonous deposits not only from foods we eat but from drugs and any other sources.

In my treatment on the citrus fruit juices, I wrote it is better on waking up from sleep to have a warm cup of the citrus fruit juices in other to flush the body system.
 I add that even drinking a cup of cool water early in the morning is much better without the juices as a last resort before eating the early morning breakfast.
 I further state that I usually drink a cup of cool water an hour before treating myself to the citrus fruit juices as my pre-breakfast meal for the early morning activity before the day’s work.

Dehydration Or Fever?

Before a person wake up from sleep, or during sleep after mid night, one feels feverish at times. You even had a headache. This later can even be mistaken for a fever. You wake up and take a capsule or medication for the fever, right? 

I have experienced this issue. This is because during sleep, your body dehydrates and calls for water medicine and not a synthetic western medicine or medication.

When you sleep, the body though inert is doing some sort of work that takes a lot of energy and releasing carbon dioxide and water vapour via, breathing out. This is where dehydration comes into the picture during sleep.

Did you sweat during sleep? Again you will lost some water via the skin pores. Do all these counts? Yes, it does.

If you are in a terrifying dream, the perspiration will be so much with rapid heartbeat that water lost when you go back to sleep is very much is serious enough.

So this water that is lost we though insignificant as it seems, need to be replaced. What about the lost when you wake up to urinated? All these very count much as in the day time. We usually replaced all these losses in eating during the day. But at night while sleeping we do not feel or border to wake up and eat. It is not usually.

Like as I say, I experienced the problem. I think it was a fever. But in the morning and day time it is all gone. It will only occur during sleep again.

And so if I had this feeling again, I will just wake up and gulp down a full glass of water slowly. That is all that I need.

Now, if I do not feel feverish during the day time, how come it is experienceable only during my sleeping hours?

During sleep, the body dehydrates much faster than during the working periods because one is not in a position to eat, drink fluids and snack fruits and vegetables.

To avoid the condition of dehydration in the night time as I sleep, I treat myself to a 50 cl of cool water very early in the morning (12.00 midnight if I chance to wake up). I can wake up anytime between 12.00 and 4.00AM and will again have another glass of water. Then on fully waking up from sleep, another 1 glass of water before juicing with a glass of the citrus fruit juices (at times along with a cup of cucumber fruit) which provide additional pure water to my digestive and excretory system. Remember cucumber is one of the only fruits that have a Glycemic Index (GI) of zero. It has no starch or sugar. It’s energy value is zero. Its water is naturally pure and ionized. It will help much in rehydrating and flushing both your digestive and excretory system very early in the morning before taking your main breakfast.

This second treatment is my mach2 (I beg your pardon) so to speak. I think you can understand it better. 

The cucumber fruit help in refining the cleansing process like as in 2 in1 razor blade for a neater shaving. This is what I mean by mach2.

Ayurvedic: Early Morning Water Treatment

The practice is now popularly known as ayurvedic or early morning water treatment or drinking water in the morning, or water therapy. They say it is an ancient ayurvedic medicine treatment for curing certain diseases and iIl-health. Whatever the case, it is natural for a person to wake up late at night for a cup of water. Here some people fail to note their sense of taste. Again, it is even more so natural that you drink a cup of water as you should be somehow thirsty when you wake up from sleep. Some people even failed to note this well, but go for a cup of tea, coffee, or any other liquid. Have you never experienced such questions before? I have. 

Prison Breakthroughs Of Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj
In course of his political imprisonment in Iran, some 17 years ago, Dr. Batmanghelidj  contact a stress related disease ulcer, and submitted himself to drinking only water.

He got healed and was compel to treat his fellow prisoners with only water, and this experiment was again a success to the amazement of all.

After his release from prison, he devoted himself to research on hydrotherapy, that is treating diseases with water only, and published his many findings to the world as his legacy.

In this way, what is a hidden secret in ayurvedic is made known to all. Are we making much use of this?
A bodily symptom like headache, can be an undistinguish sigh of dehydration. We usually say it signified a feverish condition and we go for medication. Pre-mature balding can be a sign of dehydration. There are many others like cancer, joint pains, dyspepsia, etc.

But the prescription we are given is taken down our throats with a full glass of water. Or what else do you think it is? I have seen a person taken his/her doctors prescriptions with a bottle of mineral or malt drink instead of water. What do you think is the principal ingredient of these drinks contain? Water!

Water Is Also Food

Water can be considered as a food. Water is the only food that has no energy. In my basic biology lessons, I was informed water is also food. It is usually classified last after the vitamin and mineral salts and so we usually ignored this food item or abused it in most cases. But it will help to release the energy the body needs for some activities. If you drink a lot of water in the morning, you will not go hungry soon. If you drink a lot of water during meal, you will eat less. Why do you think is this? 

Certain persons go on a long fast without eating any food. But they cannot go this far without water. It provided the dissolving agent and removal of all the wastes generate in the body.

Denied the body without water for a long time, too much waste will gather in the colon, kidney and liver.  These wastes have to be dissolved and removed by water. Nothing can do better than water here. Ignored this and all your bodily system becomes poisoned. 

For example, just allow your outward skin or cloths to stay on dirt without treating with clean water and you know what happen. But we hardly think it occur inside the body with poisons. And in this way, also help to release latent energy in the body.

Water is also the principal constituent of the body. All the body system on overall is 80% water; the remainder being mineral matters that made up of what is called flesh and bone. So if a person weights 100kg, he /she is 80% water and 20% dust.

Ayurvedic: Drink Water In The Morning

In the morning on waking up, have a glass or two of water before anything else, than you can go on  drinking that favorite warm cup of tea with add milk and sugar after an hour or so.

Some authorities say you should drink 1.5 litre of water. This is about 5 to 6 glass of water. This is excellent if you are on a weight reducing program, and if you are facing a seriously condition like leukemia or kidney, or high blood pressure (HBP) problem. In most cases, you should even see your doctor for the issue. But I have not in the morning drink 5 glass of water on waking up from sleep. The most I could drink is 3 glasses.

Drinking too much water can also have a serious side effect on the body if you are not facing any bodily issue. The liver will be over burden with too much work. It is this organ that regulates the water content of the body and helps in excreting excess water from the body. Do not abuse it. Doing so is also asking for trouble. Ayurvedic water therapy is not getting people into trouble by creating even a side effect with water. It’s aim is to dissolve and removes all wastes and poisons in the body systems.

Again, drinking too much water during meals can even be bad for digestion. It destroyed the medium enzyme reactions takes place and can cause diahorrhoe if the salt-sugar balance is neutralized. A sip here and there to mix and dissolve the digested foods is all that is need during meal time. The food you are eating has enough water content. After 30 minutes of eating, you can drink down half a glass. When tasty, take another half of a glass and so on. After 2 to 4 hours when the stomach is completely empty, you can drink down a full glass or two. 

However, a very active person can sensible take a full glass all the time. This is to replace water lost by perspiration and sweating.

This will flush and evacuate the stomach. If hungry at this time, snack your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2015.